We have been manufacturing the CAJUN AIRE aerobic system since 2002.  It is an all-concrete system that can treat 500, 750, or 1000 gpd (gallons per day). It consists of a separate pump tank and can be installed with either a tablet chlorine dispenser or a liquid chlorinator. 

We also 'Distribute' our systems to other licensed installers.

The aerobic system is installed in a hole that is dug 6 ft wide x 6 ft deep x 13 ft long.  With the use of round concrete risers, the aerobic system is completely underground leaving only three 20" risers w/lids exposed with childproof screens.  A control panel is installed next to the pump tank that contains breakers and alarms to warn of any problem.
**** We are now offering a one-tank unit for tight installs and to re-sale
to area installers

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